• Quality Assurance

    Nowdays, not all companies can afford to employ experienced quality assurance consultants, engineers. We provide help with this.

  • Tool manufacturing

    Even the most complicated system can be split into simple processes, which can be a movement or even production of a workpiece. Our principle is to provide simple, reliable solutions with flexible and quick intervention, fitting the system.

  • Temporary-labor

    Hire professional experience, or engineers to suit your needs, without employment. Our engineers and staff will do the work contractually, for fixed salary.


Procomtec Kft.

The company was established in 2010 in Écs. It has grown from a Hungarian family-owned business. Procomtec deals with the production of plate forming tools, monitoring devices and designing/producing unique special-purpose machines.

  • Flexibility

    Our skilled engineers and staff are available via telephone and internet.

  • Experience

    Our characteristic staff participate in projects with their personal experience and expertise.

  • Knowledge

    We constantly train ourselves, and we teach others. We learn from our customers, learn from the market, and from our competitors.

We desire to become a recognized and reputable company, with consistent work.